Sunday, February 22, 2015


#NovelSnip is a little snippet of my fiction writing project.  There are more characters in my story than Alice and Frank, but I keep writing about them.  I write about them in the most ridiculously small chunks of time - like, two minutes before waking the kids up to go to school.  I'm sort of imagining these Alice-Frank vignettes as flashbacks, but I'm not sure.  Also, there will be lighter moments in these character's lives, but I haven't written them yet.  Also, I don't know who the main character is.  It might be Frank?

Anyway, here's #NovelSnip:
Alice drove slowly home from Faith Formation.  She taught the seventh and eighth graders, a surly group of mostly boys who remained obstinately disinterested in disciples and stewardship.  She knew Frank would be waiting for her when she got home.

“But it’s so weird!” Alice had protested when Evelyn announced her plan to get a room at the Marriott Courtyard while Frank visited for the Father-Daughter dance at school and Alice’s state championship cross country meet.

“Maybe,” Evelyn conceded, nodding at her daughter, “but it’s convenient.”  For her part, Evelyn could think of worse things than lying in bed, alone in a hotel room, a glass of white zinfandel on the nightstand and Law and Order on the television.  Frank could take a turn with Ethan and Alice for once, just once, in the four years since he’d backed his sedan out of the garage for the last time.

Alice, though, had grown accustomed to walking into the house without bracing herself for Frank’s complaints about whatever detail of their lives had irritated him in the moments before she arrived.  She pulled her ancient Civic into driveway and extended her exhale.  She clicked the handle and stepped out, turning to retrieve her backpack, stuffed with textbooks and loose papers, from the back seat.   Then, she marched through the open garage and turned the handle on the back door.
That's it!  You can read previous installments of #NovelSnip HERE.


LH said...

I have been clicking all morning, waiting for #novelsnip. #Novelsnip did not disappoint. I just love this.

Anonymous said...

Look forward to these. Keep it up! Mom