Saturday, March 28, 2015

Rolling Interstate 94

We kept it going and are now in a place called Ann Arbor, Michigan.  We're here because this is where my darling sister and her pleasant partner go to graduate school.  Today we'll be touring the place.  I suggested purchasing souvenir t-shirts, but my three staunch Gopher fans strenuously rejected that idea.

In other news, it's Dan's birthday today.  Happy birthday, Pronto!  We plan to be nice to him for most of the day in his honor.

In a third piece of news, I'm reading a biography of Steve Jobs.  I hate to tell you this, but so far it seems pretty clear that Steve Jobs was a pretty big jerk.  He screamed at his employees, stole people's ideas without giving credit, ignored his first child and denied paternity, and had to be assigned to night shifts at Atari because he refused to shower.  I guess, however, that there's a new biography out now that makes him seem wise and team-oriented.  The Apple people like that book better than the first one by Walter Isaacson, which is a major source used by Karen Blumenthal, who wrote the YA version I'm reading.  However, there's also a documentary on the way that confirms Isaacson's findings using actual footage of Jobs being a jerk.  Anyway.  That's all I know.


LH said...

I've never walked around Ann Arbor so I need to do that sometime soon. What would you give it, on a fist of 5? People seem to like it.

Happy Birthday, Pronto!

jdoc said...

Yes, tell us about Ann Arbor. I've always wanted to visit myself. Bucolic, maybe? Happy belated, DW!