Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sticker Shock

I started giving kids stickers for really no reason on Monday. It started when one kid made a kind of lame comment, and I think I embarrassed him with my response.  So, gave him a sticker and said sorry.  He seemed to feel much better.  Then, I started just randomly sticking stickers on people's planners.

"Have a nice day," I said.  "Also, nice outfit."

"Awesome answer," I said.  "Here's a star."

"Smart idea!  And, cute haircut."

"I like you. Have a sticker."

My co-teachers kept laughing and telling me that this was Level 2 behavior.  It was a reference to the egomaniacal teacher who told us that he doesn't ever bribe his students - his students want to do their learning only for the good of the world.  But, here's the thing: I like to get and give stickers, and I don't care what that guy says.

The stickers continued into yesterday, when I was checking the gradebook for missing work.  "You have no missing work," I would report.  "Here's a star."  The kids were still delighted with the stars, and stuck them all over their faces and stuff.  When someone did have missing work, I'd say something like, "Please come and take your missing quiz.  And, here's a star."  No one was left out.



LH said...

I truly love stickers. They make me so happy. I need some new stickers though. I'll get right on that.
Egomaniac actually said that????

KC said...

Yes he did. That guy actually SAID that. Right before he explained his "banking system" where he "pays" kids for coming in to do extra work.