Friday, March 13, 2015

Status Report

The Tween: "Might have plans tonight, Mom."

Mac's Ear: Close to normal.  Fits in the hockey helmet once again.

The Sixers: 6 school days until Spring Break.

Psoriasis: Chronic conditions aren't really my speed.  Red, itchy, and ugly.

Obsessions: Ear wax, still.  I'm not proud.

House of Cards: Is it just me, or is Season 3 sort of boring?

#NovelSnip: It's twenty pages now.  Single spaced, my friends.  AND, I've got a story idea.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing about your story idea! Also finding House of Cards less satisfying...saw first two episodes of new season and just not excited to see more. Love...The Husband's Secret....almost hate to do anything else that interfers with reading it. However, am enjoying trying to think how it could possibly conclude. Thanks for recommending it. Mom

mm said...

Twenty pages and tomorrow is Sunday (aka #NovelSnip).

LH said...

#1 Son said this season of HoC was lame. I just finished Moriarty's other book and LOVED IT. Maybe I'll listen to Husband's Secret too.