Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Today on #TwinTuesday, we have an iconic photo of a travel mug and Chris Soules, The Bachelor.  I got a little bit sad last night because my #TwinTuesday artistic partner, LH of A Little Leeway, told me she might need to quit The Bachelor.  It's too time consuming, she said.  And that's absolutely true.  Who's ever heard of devoting an entire three-hour evening to watching people you basically don't even like?  But, the time isn't really the point.  Bachelor Nation is a lifestyle, an identity that separates the best from the rest.

On the travel mug side, isn't this mug sweet?  It was a Valentine's Day gift from a student.  I'm going on the record to say I support Valentine's Day gifts from students.  Thanks, kids!


lee said...

The 2 Bachelorettes thing is kind of annoying.

jdoc said...

This is the best Twin Tuesday ever.