Friday, March 20, 2015

Status Report

Math: A month or so ago, I got stymied by one of Shef's math problems.  News Flash: Shef is in fifth grade.  So, I got on Khan Academy and re-started fifth grade math.  I'm happy to report that I'm at 60% mastery of the fifth grade math curriculum according to Salman Khan. The website has a way of making me feel accomplished even though I'm doing fifth grade math at age almost-37.  This morning I divided fractions and whole numbers in word problems.

Spring Break: Starts in 10 hours.  Praise the little baby Jesus.

Blue: Mac has decided he likes to dye his hair this color.  I purchased some spray color for him, which we've now used up.  Next, I'm thinking we should try Kool Aid.  Can you paint that stuff on?

Consumerism: Gina posted on Instagram a few weeks ago about a custom planner she purchased from Plum Paper.  A missed meeting or two later, and I was all, I need one of those planners with my name on it.  It will solve all the problems.  It's customized with boxes each day for me, Shef, Mac, my workout, and #NovelSnip.  Organization and accountability in one. It's shipped, so my mega-results should start in April.

Honey: A student brought me a gift just after Valentine's Day. It was clearly a Christmas gift with a Christmas gift bag and a little tag that said, "Happy Holidays!"  I think the kid forgot about it in her locker.  But anyway, it was honey, which I think is probably fine in one's locker for a couple of months.  I ate some this morning on an English muffin.  It's honey with crushed up vanilla beans.  Delish.


Gina Marie said...

Word to the wise: Kool Aid hair dye can last up to a month

And, congrats on the planner! You'll find that everyone will be extraordinarily jealous, so just prepare in advance for that.

LH said...

I need the planner. Let me get on that today.

mm said...

I'm glad the student was creative enough to change it to Valentine's Day instead of trashing it.