Thursday, March 26, 2015

Status Report

Road Trip: I had this brilliant idea to pack little amusement bags of treats and supplies for each leg of our road trip journey. Sadly, Mac doesn't like Pop Tarts, invisible ink mazes, or Car Bingo ("I'll never see a HORSE!"), so the first bag was kind of a bust. For the record, Dan and I saw a whole field of horses while Mac was busy watching Barnyard. So there.

Thrill Seeking: Exited head first from the toilet bowl water slide. Awkward.

Cultural Sensitivity: "Mom," Shef said on arrival at Kalahari Resort, looking around at faux African masks and animal print tile, "this place is not very culturally sensitive."  It's true, but the Victoria Falls family raft ride is pretty fun.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! Enjoy! I remember your dad and I were always trying to get you kids to get excited about the scenery...learned kids ususally aren't interested. Also learned to let each person enjoy their own interests....with you that was non-stop reading! Keep up the status reports and have fun! Mom

mm said...

Have a great vacay!