Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Drag Me Under

I need to start exercising again because I registered for the Minneapolis Marathon, which happens on June 6th. I'd like to run another sub-4 race, even if I can't run my PR time of 3:40:12.

The only way to get enough workouts to prepare for this will be to run after school one day per week. Today was the first day. I brought some workout clothes in order to make it happen.

But when I told Rachel about the plan, and she discouraged me. "I wouldn't do that," she said, shaking her head when I held up my running shirt. "The children will SEE you."

I immediately saw her point.

"At least drive your car over to the other side of the highway and run over there," she said. She was feeling trepidation on my behalf, which made me nervous.

Still, ten minutes later, I went out to the parking lot and started running. I made it about fifteen steps until I realized I absolutely could not jog near the students' cars. So I got in my car, as Rachel suggested, and parked on the other side of the highway. Then I ran for 30 minutes. It's a victory.


Martha said...

And what would you call the blog? New focus?

Tom said...

Not feeling so savvy? Yeah, me either.

But that run is a major victory even if you do have to cross the street. Staying clear of those little urchins is worth it.

kc said...

I'm still feeling savvy, actually. But, I'm not liking the "mom" focus of the blog. We'll see.

How is your training going, Tom??

Rachel said...

I'm glad you went across the way to run. I mean, really.