Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Let All the Dreamers Wake the Nations

Here's my Voice Thread on our gingerbread house. Shef declined to comment this time around, but I bet he'll add his voice later.

I had a little trouble with Voice Thread today, and I'm wondering: is there something better that does the same thing? I'll probably try to find out.


LH said...

Another great voice thread. You're inspiring me to try to put together a voice thread over this break. Way to go on the gingerbread houses too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the step by step ginger house building. It was very interesting. It is so colorful and yummy! I just wish I could have seen a close-up! Good job!

KC said...

Here's one good thing about Voice Thread - you CAN see a close up! Click the photo, and it will zoom where you click. Then you can move your mouse around the photo to see close-ups all over

Anonymous said...

As beautiful as the gingerbread house is, Shef seems to outshine it in every pic. That boy is hysterical.