Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Glass Half Full

Tonight we had dinner with our good pals Tom, Liz, and their kids, who match up nicely with ours.

I told Liz how happy I'd been that afternoon when I had an unexpected 30-minute wait at my OB-GYN's office where I'd finally shown up for an annual exam appointment, only six months late.

"I'd brought my book, so I was just really happy," I explained.

Liz laughed at me. "You know you've crossed a bad and scary line," she said, "when going to the gynecologist counts as FUN."

I guess that's true. I even wore holiday socks, which I enjoyed looking at while I was in the stirrups.


Anonymous said...

Made me laugh out loud!


Martha said...

Me too!

jdoc said...

Hey, I had my annual exam yesterday too! I also enjoyed the extra time to read my book. I thought I had never read The Poisonwood Bible but I had a bookmark at page 190. It does seem a little familiar.

Anonymous said...

Dragon Slayer's Academy by Kate McMullan.

Mary said...

The most shocking thing about this post is that you were wearing christmas socks!! Who are you and where is my grinchy sister? :)
miss you. love you.