Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ho Ho Ho Hum

Here's a video blog. I'm wearing my traditional video blogging outfit.

TokBox - Free Video Chat and Video Messaging


Anonymous said...

Dan's instructional video seemed to work! Great eye contact!

Anonymous said...

I like the blogging outfit.

LH said...

I love the videoblogging. Please tell me how to get the video blog onto blogger. As you know, I can't get the hang of it.

Martha said...

i love this! be careful. it is entirely possible you COULD have twins and find out about them at Christmas. Don't even THINK about thinking this or it WILL COME TRUE. really.

Mary said...

This is why I love you as my sister.
merry christmas.

Rachel said...

I just want to say again that I really love the video blogs. I mean, I really like them a lot. And I feel like I should offer lots of praise and encouragement if they're going to keep happening.

Also, miss u lots.