Thursday, December 3, 2009

Worth the Investment

I feel a little anxious today because I had to send out surveys to all of my students and their parents asking them to evaluate my performance as a teacher. I also had to send a survey to my colleagues, but since I got to pick who to send that to, it doesn't make me quite as nervous.

I generally try hard and do a pretty good job of teaching, but you never know what someone might say about your performance. I have 140 students, so there's a good chance that someone or someone's parents might not care for me at all. They'll probably feel free to say something mean about me to the principal on this survey.

In the meantime, I'm relieved to have a break from reading The Road. The kids don't have pages due tomorrow. Last night I read about cannibals who cut off their prisoners' limbs one at a time and then burned the wounds to stop the bleeding, and also about a dad giving his son instructions on how to blow his brains out with a pistol. I read it right before I went to sleep. It wasn't pleasant.


LH said...

Do you do this every year?
Do you get to see the surveys?
I'm sure it's nerve racking,but on the other hand, I'm sure you get glorious reviews from all who benefit from your excellence.
If you want me to fill one out, just let me know.

Tom said...

I think you've fully convinced me that I don't need to read The Road.

kc said...

We only do the surveys on our "360" years. I guess it's once every 4. This is my first one. I do get to see the surveys, but my admin get to see them first.

About The Road: It hurts me physically and emotionally to read it, but it has our whole school buzzing. The kids are completely engaged and talking about big literary issues. The teachers are talking about it at lunch. Teachers from other departments are chiming in. The history people are thrilled with it because the kids are making connections to the plague, which they are teaching now. There's something to this book, I think.