Sunday, December 20, 2009

There's a Spaz With a Bell

We started Christmas today with a super-fun gathering at Cupcake and Michael's house. Lots of laughs were shared by all, especially during a rousing round of Balderdash, the board game we'd given Ben as a gift.

I'm extremely skilled at Balderdash, and I would have prevailed had I not agreed to help Shef take his turn as Dasher. In the end, that choice was not worth it because he just ended up crying about not being able to read people's cursive and "bumpy writing." Then he expressed frustration about not being able to read books as well as he wants. I'm pretty sure that's because he can't yet read Harry Potter. Life is rough for these Kindergarten readers.

The other day, I went to Barnes and Noble and asked for a fantasy/magic book for younger readers, but the ladies in the kids' department told me that what I was asking for doesn't exist. I'm pretty sure they're wrong about that, but I didn't have time to go to Red Balloon and talk to some decent booksellers.

Elementary teachers, librarians, and literacy researchers: Do you have any tips for me on that front? Basically we're looking for a book that's like HP, but not as scary. Could be a read-aloud or a something to read alone.


Anonymous said...

There's a series called Ghosthunters by Cornelia Funke which is quite amusing. Not exactly HPish but the second graders loved hearing it read aloud. It's sci fi.Probably a first/second/third grade reading level.
Eva Ibbottson has a book called something about Platform 13 which would be a great readaloud. Not as scary and not as long as HP.
There's another title that isn't coming to me that would be a great read aloud and it's not as long as Eva's book or HP but is excellent.It'll come to me. I know it will.
Secrets of Droon is a great sci fi series for younger readers.

Anonymous said...

While I was taking a shower I thought of these:
Magic Half by A. Barrows
Magic Pickle : graphic novel (series)
Half Magic by E. Eager (series)
Still can't think of the other one.

KC said...

THANKS, jw. i just knew you'd have me covered on this one. I'm going to scope these out on Amazon stat. Too late for the tree, but just in time for our vacation.

Thank you, thank you.

Martha said...

Woo hoo on the cheer! Yay rah tah Christmas! xxx

Anonymous said...

Fantasy/magic book for young readers: The Sea of Trolls by Nancy Farmer. A bit on the long side, but relatively easy and very fun to read.