Thursday, December 17, 2009

One More Day

Today when I went to get Shef from Extended Day, they were just beginning a cookie house project. Picking him up was going to be a disaster because he wanted to do the project so badly. So, filled with the Christmas spirit, I offered to go get Mac first and then come back to get him.

He was so happy.

45 minutes later, I'd driven all over the city and back to Extended Day and finally started the journey home to Southeast Minneapolis, which is pretty much the least convenient place we could possibly live, except for Woodbury or Inver Grove Heights.

We arrived home an hour later than usual, but I felt like I'd done a small thing for Shef that he really appreciated. Plus, Mac got to go to Extended Day where the kids were having a dance contest to "YMCA," and he rushed right in. It was pretty cute. He loves to dance.


Tom said...

If this doesn't help shed the funk of that ridiculous survey and those ridiculous parents, I don't know what will. This provest that not only are you a great teacher, you're a great mom, too. Happy Friday! Hope you enjoy your Christmas break to the fullest.

AmyRobynne said...

The only time I picked Peter up from Extended Day activities he immediately began sobbing because I came as they headed out for recess (even though I was closely followed Dan's instructions for how to avoid exactly that situation). Leo was sleeping on my shoulder and I brought him inside, found a comfortable chair, and camped out there for 20 minutes before making Peter go home.