Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Roof Is On Fire

And the lid is coming off a little bit.

Today was extra crazy because the teachers were "working to rule" to demonstrate our seriousness about settling our contract. We only worked our contract day and agreed not to take any work home or do any work over our duty-free lunch hour (or, duty-free seventeen minutes).

I hate doing this kind of stuff, which is why I voted for the first crappy contract deal they put before us. But, I value solidarity, and I actually do think we deserve a fair contract. So, I'm not working tonight.

It was already crazy, and then I also spent the day in angst over my parent and student survey results. Only 22 parents replied. About half of those were the ones who really hate me and wanted a forum wherein to express these feelings anonymously. Some of my favorite comments:



"Shuts down dialogue."

"Figure it out yourself."

"I can't read her."

"Too much busy work."

And, "I wish my child liked her more."

Yeah. Me too, parent. Me, too.


LH said...

If you taught my kid, I'd be the happiest person on the planet. (no lie)

KC said...

Thanks for the support!

I do my best, that's for sure. Most of the time, I do a pretty good job.

I feel like an anonymous survey of parents, on which fewer that 20% of the parents responded, is just kind of dumb.

Half were the people who hate me, and half were the people who love me so much. All the feedback was pretty much meaningless.

Two more Days!!

LH said...

WOW! The Blog looks great!

Mary said...

corporal punishment is still practiced in most classrooms in senegal.
not so marginal anymore, huh parents?
love you. merry christmas.

Gina Marie said...

KC! Love your new background... sad how these little details can put you in a totally better mood, huh? (Especially when you are being forced to sort through the surveys of bitter, probably neglectful parents.)

I've read your blog for years, and always crack up at every mention of Shef and Mac. The main reason I've been posting so often lately is because your new everyday posting made me feel really lazy! So... back at ya, girl!

Cheers to only a few more days before Xmas break- we all deserve the break, I think. Happy Holidays!


jdoc said...

Ok. Those parent comments are simply unacceptable. And hardly valid statistically, I might add.

Meghan said...

This is a perfect example why I generally dislike people from Edina.

Also, I finished Lacuna, but I keep forgetting to bring it to ss. I will bring to party tomorrow, if you aren't there, will leave in Mac's locker.

Molly said...

Kathleen, remember your motto at the beginning of the year, and let that little light of yours shine :)