Wednesday, November 30, 2011


My voicemail light was blinking yesterday afternoon, and come to find out it was the office manager at the lower school calling to tell me that my first born had injured himself at recess.  Something about falling from a height and hitting his head on a pole.

So, I called right back to see if he was concussed, and Carol explained that he actually just sort of ran into a metal pole on the playground. He actually hadn't fallen off of anything. He had a big goose egg, but was not seriously hurt. She seemed sheepish telling me this, but I recognized this sort of behavior immediately.

I actually chipped two teeth because I ran into a pole when I was in fourth grade.  Then later in college, I ran into a huge cement pole on a sidewalk that I really should have seen coming, except that I didn't.

Later, Shef and I had a good laugh about the pole incident.  That's really all you can do when you're the type of person who runs into stationary objects with any kind of frequency.


mm said...

There was a beautiful guy in college whose name was Darrel although we referred to him as "Pole Man" because a friend of mine ran into a pole looking at him. Poles have powerful attracting skills.

Anonymous said...

I often walk into trees. I see them coming, but I am always surprised when that branch waps me in the head. Usually have to get my glasses readjusted after that.

KC said...

I'm glad that others have had this same problem!

jdoc said...

I have a scar from walking into a sign. I walked past that sign three or four times a week, but one day I just ran right into it. Head wounds can bleed a lot.

Gina Marie said...

I hate the summertime, b/c everyone can see the bruises all over my legs from me running into doorways and other inanimate objects. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...

I was about to write that I once chipped my tooth eating Dots, but now I feel like I've already commented that at some point.