Wednesday, March 21, 2012

BREWERS for Geeks

I did a little internet research, and it seems that the BREWERS are indeed named after beer.

Tonight, I drank a little Grain Belt Premium, a Minnesota beer so light it pretty much tastes like water, with the geekiest group you can imagine. We are all educators - two classroom teachers, one peer coach, one dean of students, one principal, and one curriculum director. We have all worked with various others in the group at various times in our ten-to-fifteen year careers.

What we do is we pick interesting books related to our field and then discuss them from our multiple perspectives. Tonight's book was The Global Achievement Gap by Tony Wagner. We had a good discussion about teacher evaluation and the ideas of "content" and "coverage." We also talked about "engagement." That word makes the crew a little crazy (high-fiving and fist-bumping) because the three people in the group who have written dissertations have all used engagement as part of their theoretical frameworks.

That's as nuts as it gets at Professional Book Club for geeks who like brews.

Still, the group is really fun and devoted to life-long learning. A bunch of them also split Twins tickets, so it's likely that they've seen the BREWERS play a time or two.


mm said...

This sounds like a great group.

LH said...

Professional reading, with colleagues. Geez Louise, that's something I've been missing.

It's fun.

Remember when we used to go out after that class and drink wine? Was it Dinkytown?

dw said...

Grain Belt rules.