Monday, March 12, 2012


I know nothing about the Arizona DIAMONDBACKS; however, I know a lot about the DIAMONDS that Chris Harrison pulled out of his pocket on After the Final Rose tonight. Just another example of the manipulation game that is the Bachelor franchise.

OMG. My addiction to The Bachelor is so horrifying, and yet, I'm 100% committed. I've already had a couple of requests for a premiere party for the next season of Bachelorette. Let's be real: I'm probably going to do it. I can't let the Bachelorette down. And I can't not be there for my friends the way Ben was not there for Courtney when he found out that she is really an evil person that everyone was right about except for him.


Arizona. Did you know my mom has been living there for two and-a-half months? She'll be there for awhile longer, and then she'll come back here. It'll be about time. I'm not sure if she's seen any DIAMONDBACKS games, but I do know that a person gets used to living in the same city as her mother after 34 years. A person would like to continue this proximity, just so you know.


dw said...

We need to have this Bachelorette party. We are now here for Emily!

Anonymous said...

Bachelor party looks like it was fun! Have not seen the Diamondbacks play while being an absent mother in AZ, BUT did see the Rangers and the White Soxs( they won) and will see, next week, the Giants and the Rangers. Many teams do spring training in the Phoenix area and many people see at least two games a week or more. Miss you guys too! Love, mom

LH said...

Brad and Emily. Now Ben and Courtney. I become totally obsessed with this show. I google their names constantly, read all the spoilers and then search for more. I may have to go cold turkey on the new Emily show. I'm starting to worry about myself. I'll keep you posted.

Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...

I'm kind of into Emily even though if we met, we probably wouldn't hang out. As Courtney always says, I wouldn't be friends with this girl in real life.

Yeah, all of a sudden living in a different city than your mom can be a realy shock to the ol' system.

Jim said...

My God! The Bachelor?! Have you people no lives? Ugh. Fucking ugh.

I love Arizona. Rachel's dad's vacation place is the bomb and I miss is very much. I would move to Arizona, too, if I could because I love it so much. It's hot and there are swimming pools there. I climbed Superstition Mountain the last time I was there and that was quite the feat. It was one bazillion times better than watching the Bachelor or Bachelorette -- and I say that despite getting dehydrated on the hike and nearly getting stung by a huge tarantula.