Monday, March 26, 2012

RED SOX on the Lift

Today at Vail, Dan and I sat on the chairlift next to a ski patrol guy whose name tag said he was from "RED SOX Country." The guy was quite personable and shared the news that he and his partner had not yet that day dealt with any serious injuries. I thought it was pretty nice of him to tell us he "hoped he wouldn't see us again today."

As it was, I did take a spectacular fall, during which Dan said I rolled over at least twice. Here's what happened: I was zooming down the hill on my last run in my new sleek helmet. I got into such a nice groove that I decided to pretend I was Lindsey Vonn, with my body pointed down the hill and my knees bent and my weight forward. WHOO! I was as hot as the RED SOX were when they won the World Series!

Everything went fine until I fell down and both my skis popped off and my whole right side now kind of hurts. It was kind of like the 2011 RED SOX season, in that the team finished 3rd in the AL East. I also finished 3rd in the AL East. The ski patrol did not need to come and help me. I got up and put my skis back on and finished in style, two places out of last.


mm said...

It's nice the Red Sox guy was on the slopes to help you out with today's post.

LH said...

Geezlouise, I hope you're having something like a hot toddy.

StreibProjects said...

Whoa! Hope you recover and can get back on the slopes tomorrow!

dw said...

It was a pretty good fall. I got to see the whole thing.