Friday, March 30, 2012

PIRATES. Aarrgh.

Shef used to have a hilarious joke about "What is a PIRATE'S favorite letter?" The answer is, of course, Aaarrgh. PIRATES, however, are no laughing matter, as they're known to wreck havoc and cause injuries. It turns out that skiing also wrecks havoc and causes injuries.

In fact, here's a photo of my bro-in-law, John (prone), being a good sport by laughing and talking in the toboggan before the patrollers skied him down to the bottom of the mountain and the MRI revealed his knee had sustained major havoc and injury.

John's surgery will be after his highly anticipated graduation from college in May. We won't be inviting any PIRATES to that particular event.


Bethn8r said...

Oh no!!!

mm said...

Boooo to injuries and surgery!

LH said...

I am getting some qualms a out this skiing thing. Poor John.