Sunday, March 25, 2012


Sneaking in a blog entry before we hit the slopes here in the Colorado ROCKIES. It's really warm here, too, and we're all discussing what layers will be appropriate for our first day on Vail Mountain.

Mac's going to real ski school, as opposed to day care this year. We'll see how this goes. He'll probably scream his head off for awhile. God bless the young ski enthusiasts who manage the Mini Mice class.

And, God bless the ROCKIES! ROCKIES, I wish you the best this season.


mm said...

Have fun!

StreibProjects said...

Sounds amazing! I want my boys to learn how to ski! I took Harrison when he was 3 and he freaked out. I never went back.

LH said...

I need to go to ski school. asap.