Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Goofy Goober

Per my resolution to enjoy winter and fight crabiness, I went for a run outside with my friend Paula yesterday.  I wore lots of clothes, and guess what?  I wasn't even cold.  It was quite pleasant.  So far, so winning at winter.

Unfortunately, crabiness creeped in over night, and I'm feeling some crank coming on.  Life will be better for me, my colleagues, and my students if I find a way to banish it. One cause is that on Tuesday nights, we have vocabulary homework that the kids do online.  Inevitably, I get five emails from kids who, for whatever reason, cannot complete this online vocabulary assignment.  EVERY WEEK.  Sometimes their parents also write to say, my child tried really hard to get this done and wasn't able to!  Everyone is clearly annoyed.

I'm about ready to go back to pencil and paper vocabulary assignments with no drag-and-drop and online etymological dictionary.  Let's just do some good old fashioned word work already.


KC said...

Excellent news! Crabiness is gone thanks to an awesome writers' workshop and unaccompanied cello suite played by Yo-Yo Ma streamed on Spotify.

mm said...

I need to be more experimental on Spotify.

LH said...

I would find that irksome. Not going to lie.