Friday, November 14, 2014

I'm Not That Into Vampire Fiction

I was really digging our writers' workshop yesterday.  Kids got to write a paragraph about one of our case studies this week (there were three); get out all their notes, articles, and artifacts; and practice writing different types of supporting details.  The vibe was sweet.  I played the "Deep Focus" playlist from Spotify that one of my students told me about, and we were just in it.  Working and writing and helping each other.

One kid, Juliet, was really rocking on her urban gardening paragraph.  She was writing about Havana's agricultural successes.  You can see she was using photos from Architectural Review, her paragraph rubric, and her notes about the components of sustainable development.

I'm pretty sure it was one of the best sixth grade writers' workshops I've had.  A+, sixth graders.


LH said...

This is cool work.

I've commented 3 times on this entry already so I'm not happy right now. But let's try again.

LH said...

I like how they're drawing on different sources. And I like the range of topics. I wish i were there to hang out in this sixer scene.

LH said...

Spotify. I need to know more about this.

mm said...

I love this, all of it. I went to Spotify and found the playlist as soon as I read about it.