Friday, November 7, 2014

Minority Report

#TwinTuesday Reject Pile

One of my most fabulous students isn't so sure about the validity of the claims about climate change.  She and her dad think that it's something people talk about to gain "political and economic power."  I gave her kudos for using two of our Humanities vocab words there.

"I think you're in the minority with that opinion," I said.  "Is your dad a scientist?"

He's not, as it turns out. But then I came to wonder about how many people share their views.  Turns out, according to Climate Change in the American Mind, a project of Yale University, 19% of Americans think that climate change is hooey.

And here, I just keep assuming everyone knows it's happening, as it's, according to the Yale project, "an established scientific fact."


mm said...

I am perplexed by these 19%.

jhw said...

And one of those 19% is going to head the Senate Committee of Environment and Public Works--James Inhoff. Disturbing

LH said...

that donkey head is kind of creepy. But why haven't we used scissors yet?