Monday, November 10, 2014

I Have Another Public Service Announcement

I feel like I'm danger of making this whole thing a Thursday Creativity Share, but sometimes I just have to report on what I know.

Last week at school, my friend Chris basically accosted me in the hall. "Do you listen to Serial?" he queried.

I'd heard of Serial - it's a This American Life-produced podcast that tells one story over the course of a year.  But I hadn't listened to it.

"Darn it!" he said.  "I'm looking for someone to talk to about it.  The seventh episode comes out today, and I have to talk about it."  He was a little bit twitchy, so I could tell the situation was grave.

"I'll get right on it," I told him.

"I knew you would," he said.  "You'll probably do it."

"Oh, I will," I said.

And now I'm on the sixth episode.  It's fascinating.  It's getting rave reviews.  Basically, you should listen to Serial. Especially my mom will like it.  Mom, please start listening to Serial ASAP.  Download the iTunes Podcast app on your phone and then get it.


mm said...

I think I need more information. One hour a week?

Anonymous said...

Loaded it! Will listen between now and when I get home. is it just one story or a series of different stories? In what I downloaded the first is called "the Alibi". Hope I got the right thing! mom

KC said...

The eps are short - between 25 and 53 min. Usually on the shorter end. One per week, all one story. It's a murder of a high school kid. Her ex-boyfriend was convicted.