Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Scratch

Yesterday, Mac's teacher accidentally poked his eye.  This is an occupational hazard I hadn't thought of.  She was walking by him, swinging her arms normally as she walked, and caught him with her thumb nail.  His eyes were right at thumb level.

Of course since it's Mac, it was the Biggest Deal Ever and quite traumatic.  After an hour of his weeping over the scratch, I decided to try to get a consult from our resident ophthalmologist, Dan's mom, Jane.

On the phone, she was like, go straight to the eye clinic! But I was like, it's MAC.  He's not a reliable informant!  She agreed that we could just stop by her bathroom, which has near-ideal light for impromptu eye exams.

Turns out, it was barely a scratch.  Kid knows how to milk an incident.  We all know this.  But, Doc provided drops to make everything seem official.

"You were very brave," his grandparents told him.

I think we were all trying not to roll our un-scratched eyes.


mm said...

It probably was as shocking as anything. It seems bizarre.

LH said...

I'm always worrying about scratching kids with my keys that hang around my neck. When they come in for the hug, they usually get a fateful of metal. Why can't we have unlocked doors at our school? Anyway, good news that Mac is okay. That could have been a disaster.