Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Today we're going with chalk and Starburst. It's an unexpected combo, I think you'll agree.  Who ever thought of chalk and Starburst?  Now you have.

I can't think of anything else to say about this combo.  It's just a nice, "Huh," I think you'll agree.

I do want to share that when you get a dumpster in front of your house in order to throw away a bunch of your crap, people continually dig through it. And inexplicably take it.  Rusty, old, rotting stuff.  They take it!  I think there must be a network of dumpster divers.  They alert each other to the addition of new trash, and then they come under cover of night and snatch it.  It's weird, but I like it.  Feels sustainable.


mm said...

I'm surprised that both of you had chalk... can't lie. If it wasn't so dang cold, I might dive through the dumpster in front of your house.

LH said...

I too was surprised that we both had chalk. Kickin' it old school.

Also surprised to note that the positioning of the objects and the monochromatic background add a totally unique tone to this #TwinTuesday still life. We're on to something here. I just feel it.