Wednesday, July 1, 2015

American Ninja Warrior

Today marks the first day of a full month of blogging.  Buckle up!

We're starting with a STATUS REPORT:

Dog Training: I learned a maneuver called "Quiet Hold." Also, I learned a maneuver called the "Puppy Hold."  These very similar moves have been highly useful in curbing undesirable behaviors.  Just one more step on the way to the world's most perfect dog.

Summer Reading: I'm reading The Crossover, the Newbery Medal Winner for 2015.  It's absolutely fantastic.  Shef is reading Spy School, which he really likes.  He's trying to convince Mac and me that he's actually a CIA operative who completes training missions right underneath our noses.  "What do you think I'm really doing out there on the golf course?" he asked.  Mac is reading Marvin Redpost.  Let's all hold our breath until he finishes it.

Television: I've finally hit the tv groove this summer.  Two shows not to miss: Bloodline on Netflix, which unfolds like a novel, and UnReal on Lifetime which will forever change the way you love the Bachelorette. 5 stars to each.

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mm said...

I loved The Crossover.