Tuesday, July 21, 2015

TAL Challenge: I Got Behind

Of course, I'm about process, not product.  Still, it's good to actually produce.

Act One: Did You Win?

I used to be really into winning.  Like, if I was losing, I might just stop doing whatever it was I was doing.  If I wasn't great at it, I wouldn't try it.

Go big or go home.  Win or quit.

Eventually, I let this go.  Thank God.  Because how could I be an adult beginner violinist or golfer with this attitude? Someone with a 50 stroke handicap shouldn't be slamming her clubs on the fairway and stomping off the course.

Once, I remember coming home from a road race, and Shef asked me, "Did you win?"

"No," I said, laughing.  "I think I was maybe in the top 500."  His eyes got big.  "But I tried my hardest," I said.  "I'm pretty proud of myself."

Act Two: The Laundry

Have you ever been the person in charge of the laundry in a house with three boys?  The laundry needs are outstanding.  I'm perpetually behind.  The clothes are always unfolded.  The swimsuits are always wet and funky.  The eleven year-old is always in my closet, stealing my sports socks.

Act Three: #TwinTuesday

People (hi, Mom!) have been clamoring for details about how the #TwinTuesday pairings are chosen.  Well, that's a mystery that I might or might not unveil right now:

Ideally, my partner and I will exchange a flurry of text messages on MONDAY or even SUNDAY and decide on a whimsical or thought-provoking duo.  We send lots of test shots and make ridiculous suggestions for improvement.

"Too cluttered in the background?"

"Too many shadows?"

"Is it really, you know, unexpected?"

#TwinTuesday is meant to be totally serious.

But anyway, sometimes that timeline doesn't work out - we get behind, and it just becomes Tuesday morning all of a sudden.

Then, there's usually a fully formed idea floated.  How about this?  And it's like, I'll make it work.

Today's a hybrid.  Hang tight for it.  It's gonna rock.


LH said...

#TwinTuesday is so amazing.

dw said...

I do not appreciate being lumped in with the children in the laundry segment of this post.