Friday, July 31, 2015

TAL Challenge: This Is It

TAL has been pretty hard, actually.  Tough, but fair.  I'm kind of glad it's over, to tell you the truth.  In honor of the last day, I'm doing three times I've said THIS IS actually IT.

Act One: Labor and Delivery

When I was waiting for the kids to be born, I'd wonder about every little twinge.  Was it happening? Would the contractions continue?  Could the children possibly arrive?

Finally, when I was hooked up to pitocin and circling the nurses' station, occasionally leaning against the wall for support and breathing heavily, it occurred to me that I wasn't leaving until it was all over.  This was it.

Act Two: The First Day

My first day of teaching was a total trip.  I had been dreaming about becoming a real live teacher for ten years. Standing in front of those thirty 8th graders was a dream come true for me, even when I actually tripped over the overhead projector cord and fell to the floor.

The second day was cool, too.  And all the days, except the ones on which I had to hide under my desk and cry because teaching can be really flipping hard.

Act Three: The Romance

After hanging out for a couple of weeks, I knew I would like to marry Dan.  Dan's the best.  He's funny, smart, and he gets me.  He's also devastatingly handsome.  Would WOULDN'T want a partner like Dan?  Even in a silicone ring?

Thank goodness he also wanted to marry me.  "I caught my limit," he used to say.  So cute.

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