Sunday, July 5, 2015


I've been just fiddling around with Norah.  Nothing earth shattering.  She's leaving for Appleton.  Big stuff is going to happen there. Here's a little #NovelSnip:

Bill honked twice from the driveway as Maggie clung to Norah’s waist on the front steps.

“You can visit, okay?” Norah said, kissing the top of her sister’s head and gently untangling herself from Maggie’s gangly arms.  “And, I’m coming home for your choir concert, remember?” It was on the calendar in just six weeks.

Maggie sniffed and pushed her messy curls behind her ears.  “Promise to write to me?” she asked, as Norah walked toward Bill’s sedan, her backpack slung over her right shoulder.

“Of course,” Norah waved.  “Love you, Mags!”

“Love you,” Maggie repeated.  Susan appeared behind her younger daughter in the doorway and put a hand on her shoulder.

“Good luck, Norah!” she called.  “Call us this weekend?”

“I will, Mom,” Norah smiled as she swung her legs into the front seat and closed the door.  She rolled down the window and waved dramatically at Maggie.  “By, Mags!” she shouted, blowing kisses until the car backed into the street and turned away.
Bill made sweeping turns through Richfield, headed toward the interstate, and Norah sighed happily, looking out the window.  

“Sports talk okay, Babe?” Bill asked, tuning the radio to his favorite AM station. 

“Sure, Dad,” Norah said, dreamily, settling back in her seat.

Keeping it real.  Holding myself accountable.

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