Saturday, July 25, 2015

TAL Challenge: Compliments

Act One: Girls' Night

Arrived late and flustered for dinner and movie with some awesome women on Thursday.  "Hey," said Dana, sternly. "Yes, there was traffic.  But there are two things really working for you tonight."

"What?" I said.

"First," Dana said, "your hair looks amazing."

I laughed.

"Second," she continued, "I can't see any psoriasis."


Act Two: The Hair

This tween had a vision for his new haircut.  "I want that thing," he said.  I was pretty sure it was the thing pictured above.  I googled, "trendy boy haircuts" just to be sure.  Turns out, this is among the first hits.

Doesn't he look fantastic?

Photo credit goes to Pronto here.   Nice photo, Pronto!

Act Three: The Sitting Dog

Headed out for a walk with KK yesterday, and we passed a very well-behaved dog.  I'm always quick to compliment well-behaved dogs.  I too would like for people to notice if my dog is ever well-behaved.

"Just walk right by," said the woman, who was holding her dog in a sit while we passed with Simon, KK's lab.  "I'm really training him."

"You're doing an excellent job!" I said, admiringly.  

I'd like to think that touched her.  Like, maybe it warmed her heart?

1 comment:

LH said...

Great triptych. I loved the winning, the hair and the encouragement.

But I don't like when people tell me what to do so I probably would have approached the dog with some beef jerky when the owner said, "Just walk on by." That kind of thing gets on my last nerve.