Thursday, July 9, 2015

TAL Challenge: #MotherOfTheYear

Act One: By the Pool

My table is littered with Skittles wrappers and root beer cans, and the kids are running shirtless on the pitch getting freckled.

Mom at the next table applies opaque sunscreen to her twin five year olds and says, "I've ordered some wonderful snacks!  There's carrots! And broccolini!"

One five year old says, "Broccolini?  For ME?!"

Act Two: On the Couch

"Boys!" we admonish, Twitter accounts active in our laps.  "No talking during the Rose Ceremony!"

"Who do you think she's going to take to the fantasy suite?" asks the 11 year-old.

"I hope not Ben H.," answers the 7 year-old, shaking his head and raising his eyebrows.

Act Three: Miscellaneous

7 year-old washed his hair for the first time in two weeks.

He also knows all of the lyrics to "Your Love is My Drug," by Ke$ha.


mm said...

I'm concerned to quite concerned about that poor child that's excited about broccolini. At NO point in my childhood, adolescence, and/or adult life would I choose broccolini over Skittles... NEVER!

LH said...

I frequently have to ask Husbandman not to talk during the Rose Ceremony. C'mon, Guys!