Saturday, April 2, 2016

Vacation Recap

We're coming to the end of what has become a nearly annual centerpiece, The Family Ski and Snowboard Trip.  Here are some of the highlights from the 2016 installment:

  1. Mac switched to snowboarding from skiing and was, predictably, highly successful, progressing through multiple Snowboard School skill levels and charming his teachers.  The instructors, predictably, universally loved his pink hair.
  2. Shef continued cliff jumping and mogul hopping on skis.  You start to feel really lame when you continually refuse to accommodate his requests to join him on treacherous and potentially life-threatening runs.  This leads you to acquiesce once in a while, an always ill-advised decision that leaves you thanking the heavens for your health and in-tact skeletal system. 
  3. Both children interacted with their grandparents, aunt, cousins, and uncle-to-be, all of us together enjoying an active lifetime sport and/or its social benefits.
  4. I became more educated on Bernie Sanders and his differences from Hillary Clinton. I reaffirmed my democratic ideals and my solidarity with Bernie enthusiasts.
Low-lights included altitude-induced gastrointestinal distress and new facial psoriasis lesions.  No one wants to hear anything else about those two topics, so I'll leave it right here.  Thanks, Dobby and Doc, for a wonderful time!  Let's do it again next year.


mm said...

I would love to know what you learned about Bernie. I'm still a supporter!

KC said...

MM, Dobby has a series of well-researched posts on Bernie at his blog - Unabashed Liberal. The link is in my blogroll!

jhw said...

We loved the ski vacation too. Great recap! xo, Doc