Monday, April 11, 2016

Punk You'd Better Back Up

It's time again to consider whether to participate in my workplace-based Fitbit activity tracker challenge. There are certain benefits and dangers, which bear remembrance and review in today's lists:
  • Benefit #1: Friend-making and work-place camaraderie: People with wristbands acknowledge one another.  I might initiate conversation!  I might develop a special FitBit salute or handshake!  Our wristbands might unite us in meaningful life-long connection! 
  • Benefit #2: Outside accountability for fitness-related goals.  I don't want people to see that I've spent fourteen straight hours on the couch supervising my tween's consumption of Gossip Girl. People might have a better impression of me and my parenting if I take him on a run around the lake instead.
  • Benefit #3: Healthy competition. It's fun to see how many people I can pummel.  I'll try to smash most everyone and then feel superior about it.  There are also drawings for prizes you can win if you're the best, and I love to be among the best.
I guess, reading it back, that the last benefit might be a danger.  Speaking of dangers...

  • Danger #1: Obsessive and feverish movement.  During the last FitBit activity tracker challenge, I did things like jog in place while giving classroom directions, leave the comfort of my bed as I was falling asleep because I realized at the last wakeful second that my little band hadn't buzzed 10,000 steps, and spontaneously abandon fruitful conversations to do jumping jacks and plyometrics.
  • Danger #2: Increased level of technology addiction.  The FitBit app will tell me how good of a person I am if I constantly sync it.  I'll open it and sync it.  I'll just check a few hundred times per day.  Am I good enough yet?  How about now? 
After a full accounting of the benefits and dangers, I realize I'll probably compete in the FitBit challenge.  It might bring out the worst in me, but I also might win.  And regardless, it will end eventually.

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LH said...

Oh my. All the evidence seems to point to a different conclusion. Here's my idea. I'm thinking of buying a new digital swatch