Tuesday, April 26, 2016


We're trying something new for #TwinTuesday this week, something that leaves ample opportunity for trying even more new things in the future.  Today, the pairing is things that start with T.  My two things are, as you can see, a trophy and tape. Lee's two things are different items that also start with T. 

I didn't win this trophy, but my colleague Robin doesn't like anything ostentatious like an award for getting her grades done first.  So, I'm graciously housing this little beauty for her until someone else can take it.  

Speaking of something a little new and different (like a #TwinTuesday with a capital-T theme), I'm a new contributor on a book blog called Literary Quicksand.  I wrote a review for them of The Taliban Shuffle that's published today.  I keep telling people about this new endeavor because I'm so jazzed about it.  I told my friend Lynne three or four times. Finally, she was like, "Yeah.  I KNOW."

But just to be clear, I'm a contributor on a book blog called Literary Quicksand. My first review is up today!

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mm said...

I'll have to add the Quicksand blog to my news feed.