Thursday, April 7, 2016

Marion Cotesworth-Haye

In my quest to become a very serious and effective blogger (ahem, subscribe to my new and fabulous email list), I've done some research about what people like to read on Word Savvy.  It turns out people like it when I've got a challenge or theme going.  Thank God.  Because the true story is that I turn to a challenge or a theme when I can't figure out what the heck to write.

In April, then, I think I'm going to do lists.  I don't even know what all the lists are going to be, but today's is 3 Podcasts For Readers, Creatives, and Cult Followers.  Yay!
  1. This is my favorite podcast that I recommend to all people.  It's the Inside the New York Times Book Review Podcast. What happens is that the host interviews authors and/or reviewers of recently published books. Even if you don't want to read the book, you might find yourself happy to know about the Spanish Civil War, public shaming on the internet, or a new thriller co-written by two established writers.  Later in the show, you get an update from the NYT publishing beat reporter and the best-sellers column writer.  The whole thing is basically the best, and it comes out on Thursdays. Many times, I throw little anecdotes from the podcast into my lesson plans and/or my effervescent cocktail party conversation, by which I mean my chats with Dan while I sit around in my sweatpants and maybe live-tweet The Bachelor.
  2. My sibling-in-law Galen recommended First Day Back to me at Christmastime, and then, because she is #sosmart and #sopretty, I binge listened.  This story of motherhood and return-to-work hits home.  As with all great first-person listens, I just liked the host, Tally, a lot.  Even if you're not at the stage of motherhood when you have to agonize about how and/or when to go back to work, she unfolds a compelling narrative, detailing her desire and attempt to make something great - a documentary film about a very awesome festival.  I'm getting a little nervous that Tally's not going to put out a season two, but I have no basis for that worry.  Sadly, engaging in unnecessary worry is a sort of a hobby of mine.
  3. Last, can we please just talk about The West Wing Weekly?! It's Will Bailey and his pal Hrishi recapping every episode of the show from the beginning.  I just can't even.  Every Wednesday will now be my favorite day.  Here's a gif of Will Bailey doing something that I would absolutely do. 


I hope you've enjoyed this list.  More list tomorrow or the next day, I'm pretty sure.


LH said...

I'm enjoying the Shapiro book.
I need to get to listening these podcasts!

Anonymous said...

These sound great. Think I will try the book review! Just need to learn to plug in my phone when I take my hour walks....two new habits to develop......novelty and new perspectives too. Love, mom