Thursday, August 4, 2011


When Shef was gone at camp, I painted his room and got him new, big-kid bedding. Instead of doing all the walls in that cheery green, I decided it would be cool to cover one big one in chalkboard paint.

It turned out really well, I think! I love the built-in murals! This one is a combo of "The Guy," care of Dan, some Harry Potter wands, brooms, and house decor that Shef did with Claire (our amazing babysitter), and whatever Shef's pal Charles did while he was over today.

Cool, right?!



mm said...

Waaaay Coooool!

LH said...

that's really neat. Well done!

Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...

@LH can I have that?

StreibProjects said...

That is VERY COOL!

Gina Marie said...

This is awesome! All his friends are going to be so jealous.