Friday, August 12, 2011


A really funny movie that Dan and I like is I Love You, Man. In it, this nice-but-blundering guy Peter tries to make a best friend in time for his wedding.

Basically, he tries way too hard and says all kinds of painfully awkward things while trying to seem cool. It goes without saying that I have behaved like Peter many times because of my previously mentioned INCLUSION NEEDS. So, naturally I find him endearing and totally relate to his plight.

Anyway, our whole family has gotten into the habit of calling each other "Jobin," which is the inexplicable nickname Peter gives to his new pal, Sydney, in the movie.

We also say all kinds of other things from this film. For instance, when I'm making plans with Dan on the phone, I'll end by telling him, "I'll see you then, or I'll see you at another time." And then he'll answer, "Laters on the men-jay."

Even Dan's parents have gotten into the trend. Their favorite is "When you get a mo." As in, when you get a mo-MENT.

Basically, if you haven't seen this movie and you like raunchy stupid comedies featuring cute little awkward guys, you should probably see it.


LH said...

I love this movie too, but I don't remember all the little phrases. I think I have to see it again. Paul Rudd gets a solid 5.

jdoc said...

I've been wanting to see a movie. I think it will be this one.

Kc said...

We have noticed that it takes multiple watchings topic up on the many funny phrases. Watch it, and then watch it again!!

Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...

I like saying "...Delightful" the way Jason Segel says it about "Chocolat" at the end of the movie.

I really like this movie. A page to which it's been illegally uploaded is one of my only Bookmarks.