Friday, August 19, 2011


I'm writing this from my new classroom. My mom generously offered to take the kids overnight, which means I can attend the New Faculty Dinner by myself. This event takes place in about an hour and is the culminating experience for the New People. We've already had the New Faculty Introductory Meeting, the New Faculty Benefits Overview, the New Faculty/Mentor Lunch, the New Faculty Technology Training, and the New Faculty Division Time.

I'm starting to feel a little spinny in the head here, actually. I have a lot to learn. The good news is that the father of one of my new co-workers knows a friend of mine. That friend told me that the father told him that the co-worker told HIM that he thinks I'm PRIMO.

And primo starts with P. Phew.


LH said...

Primo. You really are. And I'm so glad I now remember how great it is to use the word primo.

Did you have kids coming and going this week????

mm said...

Primo! of course you are!!

Are you not running in Ragnar?

kc said...

The kids are not coming until the 29th. Next week the whole school is back for workshops. These two days was just new teachers and stuff.

mm, no Ragnar because of the new job!! I'm kind of disappointed, but I'm planning on doing it again next year.

Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...

You're as primo as Minerva (and Maggie).

jdoc said...

Positively primo!

StreibProjects said...

That story was PRIMO!