Saturday, August 6, 2011


On the way up here - I'm north of Brainerd, just over three hours from Minneapolis - I used the scan feature to find a good radio station. I didn't really find a GREAT station, but I did hear Faith Hill's "The Way You Love Me" three times within the span of 20 minutes. And I stopped scanning to listen to it EACH TIME!

Which brings me to the next part of my story. Eventually I did stop because a station was playing "Don't Stop Believin'," which was revitalized first by Bill Clinton's campaign and then later by Glee. Next that station played "For the Longest Time" by Billy Joel, which I LOVE.

Then they played three more songs I knew all the words to, including "Walkin' on Sunshine." So, I'm sure you guessed it by now, but that, my friends, was a LITE ROCK station. Exactly the format I used to ridicule my mother for choosing.

This is what getting old feels like? Oh, well. Here's Air Supply:

They make every tackle at the sound of the whistle and they make all the stadiums rock.


StreibProjects said...

Wasn't Brainerd in the movie Fargo? I loved that movie.

mm said...

I'm OK with the others but Air Supply? This is not OK.

LH said...

I was thinking the same thing Streib said. Brainerd. Fargo.

Nothing But blue Skies by Jimmy Cliff is a song I've been listening to of late. It's v. easy to listen to.

Gina Marie said...

Here's the thing about easy listening - it can trick you! You're jamming, and all the sudden, James Blunt is blaring. It's the worst, and it's happened to me many times. Joel and I also once though we were on a cool ska channel, but it turned out to be Christian radio. The worst!

KC said...

GM - What a nightmare!

I think Brainerd IS in Fargo! I'm way up here in MN, fo sho.

jdoc said...

I didn't know that Richard Simmons was in Air Supply. First album I ever owned, btw. Unlike mm, I am totally OK with Air Supply.

Rachel said...

Um, Cyndy and I love this song so much, I've made it my ringtone for when she calls me. Fabulous.