Saturday, August 13, 2011


We went to to zoo today and had a great time. My idea for the blog was to take lots of photos of animals that start with K and then put them here on the blog.

It turns out the zoo only has two animals that start with K: the Komodo Dragon and Matchie's Tree Kangaroo. So here they are. You can't see them very well because I didn't do a very good job of taking the pictures. Also, I didn't realize ShapeCollage would make them so small. Oh well. Live and learn.

Shef also wanted to pose for a pic next to the buffalo statue, so I added that one, too.


mm said...

What about the otters? Forget the buffalo statue.... otters!

Goodwoman said...

Very creative K picture!

LH said...

We were going to go to the zoo today, but we got too late a start. It's a pretty long drive. But maybe next weekend. I loved that day we went with your fam, when I was up for jdoc's wedding. Let's try to go there again some day.

Kc said...

Mm, the otters in the grizzly coast exhibit put on a gr8 show! Awesome!

Lh, that was a wicked fun day. Let's do go again!!

dw said...

This was a great day. Why are we so busy all the time that going to the Zoo in our own state where we are members seems so hard?