Sunday, August 7, 2011


Fabulous is an adjective I use a lot. For instance, if someone says something like, "I bet it will be fun," I might say, "It'll be fabulous!"

If I like your shoes, I'll say they're fabulous.

If your haircut is nice, I'll say it's fabulous.

Fabulous photographs, fabulous house, fabulous time, fabulous food.

Sometimes I shorten it to "fab." You know. Whatever I feel like.

A few years ago, when I was saying fabulous about something, my brother in-law told me that fabulous is popular among GLBTQ people. Just now in honor of "F" day, I checked on Urban Dictionary, and sure enough! According to the website, "fabulous" is a the "ultimate compliment" in the gay community, and perhaps even a mating call.

Love it! Gay Pride! Fabulous!


LH said...

Yeah, Fabulous is def. your word.
I will now emulate you and use it daily. Gay Pride!

mm said...

Fabulous 'F' post

Goodwoman said...

I love using the word fabulous! It always makes me think of Freddie Mercury. In interviews he would always say "It was Fabulous Darling!"

LH said...

I may get a haircut soon, and then I'd like to hear that it's fabulous, if you truly believe it is. But no pressure.

StreibProjects said...

Nice choice! Amazing and Fabulous will have to battle :)

jdoc said...

I do like it when you use fabulous. Keep it up!