Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I read several teaching and education-related blogs and Twitter feeds. One of my new favorites is Mind/Shift. The blog curates a lot of interesting ed-tech news.

One thing I'm especially interested in is figuring out ways to harness mobile devices. Mind/Shift had an article on this recently. A highlight of the article is the little blurb on "Snack Learning." If you think about it, a 50-minute class period is rather snack-like.

Today on my mobile device (in this case, my laptop, which isn't quite as mobile as my phone or my iPad), I solved a work problem. My new boss (she seems so fabulous, fyi) asked for a head shot-type photo of me. I took one quick with my webcam and emailed it to her. "This is as good as it gets," I told her.

Never mind the zit on my chin. You can't hardly notice it, right?!


mm said...

Honestly, I didn't notice the zit until you pointed it out.

Sometime I would love a list of your tweet/blog followings related to education. You rock!!

KC said...

mm - you follow my work twitter, I think. (@westenglish). You could start by following all of the people I follow. They tweet amazing ideas, links, blog posts, etc. Most of them are teachers or tech integrationists. Another thing I do is put the feeds for GOOD, Mashable!, and ReadWriteWeb into my RSS thingy. You don't need to read even half of the articles, but sometimes the headlines will be about cool apps, tools, or ed-related topics and then you can click through.


Gina Marie said...

You look great! Love the polka dots.