Wednesday, November 21, 2012

ABC #33: Gobble Wobble

I signed up for a 5k for tomorrow morning. It's probably a good idea, but at the moment I'm kind of dreading it. The dread is a familiar sensation: it descends before pretty much every sporting event I do. The most pronounced incidents have been the extended sobbing in advance of the Ragnar Relay of 2010 and the moments before beginning the swim legs in each of my triathlons. Swimming with lots of people in open water kind of freaks me out. The dread makes me wonder why I ever do these things, except that I like TO HAVE DONE them. After the fact.

Anyway, tomorrow's 5k will be totally fine; but right now it seems like, do I really want to drive over there and run as hard as I can for a baseline 5k time? Like I said, I probably do. It only just seems like I don't.


mm said...

It's an absolutely perfect morning for it! You'll do great!

mm said...

BTW I ♥ your title.

Liz K said...

You know you love it. Can't wait for Ragnar ULTRA 2013!!! We may all be crying.