Wednesday, November 28, 2012

ABC #41: It Doesn't Matter

I've gotten serious once again about my running. This had led me to sign up for the race I hate the most: The Winter Carnival Half Marathon. I think I've run it like 5 times, and I've hated it most every time.

It's on January 26th this year. It's always the last weekend of January or the first weekend of February. It's been every temperature from -20 to about 50 degrees fahrenheit. One time I hated it so much that I walked off the course at about the 8-mile mark, marched to a gas station, and begged Dan to come and pick me up.

Why do I do this race, despite the misery?

It's really the only thing to train for in the dead of winter here. Without a race to train for (I'm thinking PR!!), I sometimes just quit running. I guess I'd rather be miserable for a couple of hours in a few months than squander all of my fitness.


Snowbrush said...

But why would you be miserable in nice weather as well as in frigid weather?

KC said...

You'd think it would be nice in nice weather, but I think this race is cursed. Or I am.

mm said...

You train, and I'll hope for nice weather. Have fun training.

KK said...

That race is the suckiest. But you're right, there isn't anything else to train for around here. Good for you for braving it again.