Monday, November 26, 2012

ABC #39: The More Things Change

Mac's has a new sleep-avoidance tactic, and (SHOCKER!) It's super annoying.

"I think of bad things when I'm by myself!" he wails pathetically.

Since I too think of bad things when I'm by myself, I'm sort of sympathetic. But, then again, I'm like, "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GO TO SLEEP."

I tried talking through his fears with him to allay his anxiety. "What kind of bad things?" I asked.

"Ghost-es and monsters. A hair-dryer monster." What do they do that's so scary? "They get me." That IS scary. Wow, you have a great imagination! But, do you know what? "What?" The monsters and ghosts aren't real. "Hmmmm," Mac says.

Then more wailing and not going to sleep for hours.

This is so predictable.

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mm said...

This is exactly the reason, I don't take time with a hair-dryer in the morning... hair-dryer monsters.