Monday, November 19, 2012

ABC Post #29

Here's what my NCTE talk was about: It was about how participating in a blended learning environment (one that's part face-to-face and part online) encourages and might contribute to the development of so-called non-cognitive factors like academic perseverance, often described as grit or self-control.

I was excited about the non-cognitive factor (this is a bad name for important things like integrity, responsibility, and perseverance that contribute to academic success) connection because non-cognitive factors are really hot right now. In fact, I basically heard two talks on them that were stuffed with interested people.

As usual, I have a reading list a mile long as a result of this conference.


jdoc said...

Excellent topic. Do you have a prezi I might review? You know, to pretend I was there.

mm said...

I, too, would like to view a Prezi or any other doc.

Anonymous said...

Your talk was just so great. Please write an article. Please. And while I'm begging, please move to Bloomington, IN. Please!!

KC said...

Guys, you're making me feel really swell. Thanks for these nice comments.