Sunday, November 25, 2012

ABC #38: On the Last Day

Big News: Our family has once again found Jesus. We attended church for the third time in four weeks this morning. Right now our skills are a little rusty; however Mac did volunteer to help with the offering. Also, he nodded and smiled at the minister while he explained the message about Jesus turning the notion of "king" upside down.

As we were leaving, Minister Jeff let us know how much he appreciated Mac, Man of God. "He was giving me a lot of good feedback there," he said. "He was like, 'Yeah! I'm with you!'"

And we're with YOU, Jesus! We won't let you down!


LH said...

Way to spark up the spirit. I am listening to some buddhism podcasts, so that's been good too. Jesus and Buddha. We love them both.

LH said...

Or maybe I should have said that I love them both. Don't want to be making assumptions left and right.

KC said...

Oh no, I also love them both. A couple of weeks ago, I was really into the Hindi festival Diwali, too.

mm said...

Ooooo... tell me more about the Hindi festival Diwali.

jhw said...

Tried to comment before and didn't do it properly...Said something like...Way to go! Plymouth loves erstwhile Catholics who embrace Progressive Christianity!
Had a big day today and thought about you guys, but couldn't make it to church. Missed you! New digs for 2 of our family, NEW BEGINNINGS !!!

jdoc said...

How timely! I am planning to check out a new church next week for my own spiritual growth. I'll let you know how it goes.

Gina Marie said...

Just weighing in to tell you and LH that Mason Jennings wrote a song called "I love you and Buddha too."

It is located here:

It's pretty ridiculous but it makes me so happy.