Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Water Flowing Underground

About to leave for NCTE. Making some changes to the findings section of our talk. Not the findings themselves, just the organization. Anyway, just dealing with that and trying to pack when some plumbing problems presented themselves. Spent some time mopping water and trying to fix the plumbing.

Despite our careful following of directions, we managed to break more plumbing implements. So, then water just streams out everywhere all over the kitchen.

No problem. I remained calm. I mopped up. Dan bailed the backed-up water out of the sink. He called the plumber and begged his mom to come over tomorrow to let him or her in. We packed. I left my sub plans. I'm about to have a great time at NCTE.


jdoc said...

That's quite a send off. I'll be thinking about you in Vegas, Baby!

mm said...

Wow! You have a great attitude. Enjoy NCTE and Vegas!